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Many of us look for fake games like Free Fire. Which looks exactly like the free fire game and even the game that plays exactly like the fifa game. But even if we don't find such games anywhere, those games are not fake like free fire games. But in today's post, I will show you a fake game like Hundred Percent Free Fire. The game that will make your head spin. Even my own head is spinning. So read the complete question carefully and download this game from below.

First of all, this game is just like a free fire game. Abilities of characters characters like free fire like map free fire inside the game. Even cars like free fire games. Also inside EEG is Free Fire like Gun Skin Free Fire like Global Free Fire like Auto in Free Fire like full map. There are also options to customize graphics settings and controllers like Free Fire within this game. So those of you who have been playing free fire games will not have any problem playing this game. Now you can see some gameplay of this game from below.

To download and play this game, you must have two GB of RAM in your mobile, but the game can be played on a phone with 1 GB of RAM, it will give light lag. So to download the game, please download this game from the download link below.


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