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That's all we know from the leak

2 main characters: male and female (one couple visible). Their names are Jason and Lucia.

The game is set in present-day Vice City.

The game will be themed around heists and robberies (both characters will be seen running a store. Possible collaboration?

The game will have stealth mechanics.

You can carry a limited number of weapons.

You can drop a weapon and choose a new one.

You can rob shops and containers at the docks (they can contain vehicles, weapons, cash, etc.

The game still uses the Euphoria physics engine.

You can shoot while swimming.

You can transport bodies.

You can use the Vice City subway to get around the city.

Clothes have physics.

You can move prone.

You can move and shoot while crouching.

Police are much smarter in firefights.•

More driving options (You can sit and shoot from the passenger window or a cargo box.)

Wall covering mechanics like GTA 5.

You can jump for cover (animation like RDR2).

The cars are highly interactive (you can adjust the armrests, open the glove box, adjust the seat position, rearview mirror, etc.) It is not yet clear how this will affect the gameplay and benefit the player.

More stealth options and behavior (some NPCs kneel and you can grab them).

Note before downloading

File name: VI_TestBeta.apk

Game Size: 239.4MB

You need Android 10.0+ and at least 4GB of RAM

Wait 10 seconds and click "Download File".

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