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Award-winning indie entertainment studio Kukouri welcomes you to our multiplatform mmorpgg:

Pixel Worlds! ("Best Indie Game Developer" Global Mobile Game Awards 2019)

Pixel Worlds is mmorpgg sandbox indie entertainment that you can create, play, craft and create. Have specific adventures, get gems, play with friends, get ways with friends and collect items to reveal!

Join thousands and thousands of different gamers in this game to play an online multiplatform MMO sandbox journey and be part of a fun online community!


- Create your own specific pixel art, parkour, journey, farm and tail global or simply an area where you can hang out and play with friends. Or perhaps make them all!

- Mine resources and create new blocks, props and objects to help you navigate your specific world.


- Customize your persona and feature your specific style!

- Your next new hat, shirt, mask, weapon, shoes, pants, gloves, shield, wings...

the dungeon

-Adventurous! Fight monsters in dungeons, collect items and collect gems to craft your next gear.

Farm yard

- Cross, farm, grow and combine almost anything in Pixel Worlds. Building blocks, furniture, tools, objects, weapons and even clothing.

- Farming also gives gems and collects items. Use them to buy, trade and craft other items.


- Pixel Worlds economy is player and community driven. - Trade blocks, clothing, equipment and other items with players at the price of your choice.

- You can even trade your own created world!

But be careful! Other players will also try to profit from your trade, so be careful not to get scammed!

Play online for free

- Compete in worlds created by other players or create your own adventures for others to enjoy!

- Play community-made mini-games to win prizes!

- Participate in weekly online live events!


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